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Shop and Pay With Interest-Free Instalments

Spread your purchase into 3 interest-free instalments gives you the breathing space to buy now; no regrets later.
Simply complete your purchase via Pace app.

What's more, enjoy additional S$15 off* with min. spend of S$100 and X2 Pace Perks when you checkout with Pace app this September. Terms apply

New to Pace? Read our FAQs here.

*Limited redemptions available.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Pace?

Pace allows you to spread your purchases across 3 interest-free installments. Just choose Pace as your payment method when you check out at KrisShop.com. 

Are there any requirement(s) for using Pace?

- Download the Pace App from the Apple App Store and Android Google Play
- You need to be at least 18 years of age
- Possess a National ID or SingPass account
- Have a valid mobile number and email address
- To start making purchases, you would need to link a valid credit or debit card to the Pace App

Buy Limit

- The Buy Limit is the maximum amount you're able to use for installments with Pace. You can see your current Buy Limit from the home screen of the app..
- When you register to create a Pace account, we consider various factors using our bespoke algorithm, which at times includes reviewing a user's information and credit history, before allocating a Pace Buy Limit.
- The highest Pace Buy Limit for credit card users is set at S$3,000. The highest Pace Buy Limit for debit card users is set at S$1,500.

Making a Purchase over the Buy Limit

- Pace enables you to make purchases above the assigned buy limit by front loading the first payment. For example, if you would like to purchase an item on KrisShop.com that costs $9,000, the first payment that is due at the point of check out is $6,000, while the second and third payment, due 30 and 60 days later, would be $1,500 each.
- This enables you to maximize your buying power and still spread your payments

How do I use Pace on KrisShop.com?

1. Add items to cart and select Pace at check out

2. On the pop-up page, key in your mobile phone number or email address. A verification code will be sent via text or email.

3. Enter verification code.

4. The payment schedule will be automatically generated.

5. Select applicable promo codes (if any) to enjoy discounts.

6. Confirm your payment.

Can I redeem KrisFlyer miles on my purchases and pay for the balance with Pace?

Yes, you may use your KrisFlyer miles to offset your purchase and pay for the balance with Pace with a minimum checkout amount of SGD 10.

Can I still earn KrisFlyer miles on my purchases if I pay with Pace?

Accrual of KrisFlyer miles will be based on the cash portion of the purchase, excluding applicable taxes and shipping.

Terms and Conditions

KrisShop x Pace Campaign Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (Terms) govern your participation in the promotional campaign (KrisShop x Pace Campaign) jointly organised by Pace Enterprise Pte Ltd (Pace) and KrisShop Pte Ltd (KrisShop), and the use and redemption of promotional e-voucher codes distributed by Pace for the KrisShop x Pace Campaign (Launch Voucher Codes) commencing from 1 September 2022 and ending on 30 September 2022 (Campaign Period).

By using and redeeming the Launch Voucher Codes for purchases made at KrisShop’s website, KrisShop.com (“KrisShop Website”), you agree to be bound by these Terms, in addition to the Pace Terms of Service (TOS) on the use of the Pace Platform, and the KrisShop Platform and Sale Terms, which are incorporated by reference into these Terms. All capitalised terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed in the Pace TOS unless otherwise provided. Pace and KrisShop reserve the right to change these Terms at any time and without notice. It shall be your responsibility to review the prevailing Terms on the redemption of the Launch Voucher Codes before making any Pace Buy Transaction.

The KrisShop x Pace Campaign will consist of the (1) Launch Voucher Code and (2) Pace Perks promotions, details of which are set out below. 

1. Launch Voucher Codes

1.1.  The Launch Voucher Code provided by Pace may be redeemed by new and existing Pace Platform users for S$15 off a minimum spend of S$100 per transaction (nett after any applicable discounts, before shipping and taxes (Minimum Spend Criteria), for Pace Buy Transactions made at the KrisShop Website.

1.2.  To avoid doubt, payment made using any KrisFlyer miles and/or any KrisShop or SIA issued eVouchers will not count towards the Minimum Spend Criteria.

1.3.  The Launch Voucher Code shall only be valid for purchases made on the KrisShop website, and shall not be valid for purchases made on the Kris+ mobile application, via the KrisShop order form or any other means.

1.4.  The Launch Voucher Code shall be valid for redemption during the Campaign Period and shall be limited to the first 200 redemptions.

1.5.  Each Pace user may only redeem the Launch Voucher Code for one (1) transaction on the KrisShop Website during the Campaign Period.

2. Pace Perks

2.1.  During the Campaign Period, any purchase made on the KrisShop Website via the Pace Platform shall be eligible for 2 Pace points under Pace’s Pace Perks loyalty programme (“Pace Perks”) for every S$1 spent.

  • For illustration purpose only:
    If you make a purchase of S$100 during the Campaign Period, you will be eligible to receive 200 Pace points.

2.2.  All Pace points shall be subject to any terms and conditions of Pace Perks which may be imposed by Pace from time to time.

3. Redemption of Launch Voucher Codes

3.1. To redeem the Launch Voucher Codes, they must be correctly applied at the check-out payment page on the Pace Platform. The total amount payable by you will be reduced by the value of the Launch Voucher Codes, with the remaining balance to be split into the number of instalments shown in the Pace Platform.

3.2.  It is your sole responsibility to carefully review the check-out payment page to ensure that Launch Voucher Codes are applied before proceeding with payment. If you fail to do so for any reason, (a) Pace shall not be responsible for providing you the benefit of the Launch Voucher Codes in any form, and (b) you shall not hold Pace or KrisShop responsible to refund, reverse or otherwise void the Pace Buy transaction. 

3.3. Each Launch Voucher Code can only be used once for a single Pace Buy transaction. Additional specific conditions may apply for the redemption of the Launch Voucher Code (Specific Conditions). You can view these Specific Conditions for each individual Launch Voucher Code in the Pace Platform at Account > Vouchers and Account > Refer and Earn.

3.4. Unless otherwise stated in the Specific Conditions, a Launch Voucher CodeVoucher cannot be “stacked” or used in combination with any other Pace voucher(s), and/or any Pace promotion, or discount offered by Pace through the Pace Platform.

4. No Refunds, Replacements or Exchange

4.1. Under no circumstances will any Launch Voucher Code be exchangeable, refundable, or substituted for cash, credit, discounts, or any form of goods or services.

4.2.  If your Pace Buy transaction is reversed, refunded, or subject to a Chargeback, whether wholly or partially, and for any reason, we will not be responsible for refunding to you the Vouchers in any form. For the avoidance of doubt, if you have redeemed a Launch Voucher Code for a Pace Buy transaction and such Pace Buy transaction is subsequently reversed, refunded, or subject to a Chargeback, the redeemed Launch Voucher Code shall not be available for redemption for a different Pace Buy transaction.

4.3.  We will also not be responsible for providing you with any replacement Launch Voucher Codes, cash, credit, refunds, discounts, or any form of compensation in any instances, including the following:

  • Discontinued or cancelled Launch Voucher Codes;
  • Launch Voucher Codes that have been fully redeemed prior to the validity period as provided in the Specific Conditions;
  • Improper use of Launch Voucher Codes (as we may determine in our sole discretion);
  • Your omission or failure to apply the Launch Voucher Codes before completing payment; and
  • Inability to apply or redeem any Launch Voucher Codes due to any technical issues, whether attributable to the Pace Platform or not.

 5. Purchases made on KrisShop.com

5.1.  All purchases on the KrisShop Website are subject to the KrisShop Platform and Sale Terms and use of KrisFlyer Miles is subject to the KrisFlyer Terms & Conditions

5.2.  All purchases made on the KrisShop Website may be delivered via (a) inflight delivery on eligible Singapore Airlines or Scoot flights, or (b) received via home delivery.

5.3.  By participating in the Promotion, each Shopper agrees that any and all personal data he/she submits (including his/her name, KrisFlyer membership number, mailing address, contact number, and email address) may be collected, used, disclosed, or otherwise processed (collectively, “Processed”) by KrisShop for the purposes of the Promotion. All collection, use and disclosure of personal data will be in accordance with KrisShop's Privacy Policy.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. KrisShop and Pace reserve the right in our sole discretion to cancel, modify, limit, or revoke the use of any Launch Voucher Code at any time and for any reason. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, examples of such instances would include any suspicious or fraudulent purchasing activity or Launch Voucher Code use, and the use of Launch Voucher Codes in bad faith by multiple Pace Accounts or multiple checkouts associated with the same Customer Member or group of Customer Members.

6.2. KrisShop and Pace reserve the right to amend or withdraw any terms and conditions of the KrisShop x Pace Campaign, and/or terminate the KrisShop x Pace Campaign, without any prior notice our sole and absolute discretion.

6.3. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.


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