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Max Biocare’s Eye Tonic Forte is a high strength formula designed to support eye health, relieve eye strain and visual fatigue, and preserve healthy vision.
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Eye Tonic Forte is suitable for children, adults and mature aged persons, especially for people that use computers and other visual devices on a regular basis. The high-quality Bilberry extract featured in Eye Tonic Forte protects against eye strain and visual fatigue that may occur due to the aging process, or from prolonged screen usage from computers and tablets. The natural antioxidant helps to filter out harmful bluelight and protect the eyes against oxidative damage, helping to preserve sharpness of vision.

Features vitamin A, a critical component of the retina supporting healthy vision, and essential fatty acids that support both the eyes and the brain for optimal visual acuity and cognitive function. Fish oil omega-3s are provided as the patented form, a sustainable and clean source of DHA and EPA that meets strict international standards.

Dosage: Children (4-8 yrs): 1 capsule daily; Children and Adolescents (9-18 yrs): 1-2 capsules daily. Adults (> 18 yrs): 1-2 capsules twice daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Pack size: 30 soft capsules/box

Voluntary cautions: Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Can Eye Tonic Forte help to prevent deterioration of the macula?
Bilberry anthocyanins (BAs) are protective against various types of retinal damage, particularly oxidative damage caused by light, chemical toxins and natural aging. Additionally, BAs and other actives may support retinal circulation by lowering vascular inflammation. BAs have been shown to dramatically reduce the process of aged related macular and lens deterioration in scientific research studies [1].

Can Eye Tonic Forte help to relieve eye strain from screens such as computers, laptops and tablets?
There is some evidence that bilberry extract can help with visual tiredness and image acquisition. A recent clinical study using bilberry extract showed marked improvements in eye strain, ocular pain, dryness, blurriness and tiredness when reading [2]. While further research involving video screen workers given bilberry extract has shown improvement in some aspects of moving image accommodation and reduced fatigue, compared to placebo subjects [3].

1. Fursova et al. Adv Gerontol, 2005. 16: p. 76-9
2. Lee et al. Br J Nutr, 2005. 93(6): p. 895-9
3. Ozawa et al. J Nutr Health Aging, 2015. 19(5): p. 548-54
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