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About Max Biocare

Proudly Australian, Max Biocare Group is dedicated to providing clinically proven, naturally derived healthcare solutions of the utmost quality and consistency, as we’ve done more than 20 years. We painstakingly invest into the research and quality testing behind every product, at every stage, from ingredient origins to formulating to effectiveness. 

We draw from our diverse expertise in healthcare and medical sciences, to bring nutraceuticals with proven effectiveness. For this, many of our products are evaluated in double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical studies, where participants are randomly prescribed a product (test group) or a placebo (control product without ingredients) for a defined timeframe, with nobody knowing which is which. The research findings are then scrutinized closely by an unbiased panel of expert scientists (peer reviewers) to make sure the study was done properly, and the data are of suitable quality to be published in a peer-reviewed research journal.

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