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SDR703 supports voice control. Even when offline, you can use your voice to control rack lifting, turn on lights, start disinfection, etc. No more remote control, simply ask "Xiaopu Xiaopu" to start easier-than-ever clothes drying.
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Product Weight
35 kg

35kg Load Capacity
It has 20 hanging holes and a load capacity of 35kg, allowing for more clothes to dry at one time. If the clothing weigh more than 35kg, the motor will stop automatically and initiate an alert to warn you.

Disinfection : Instant disinfection: automatically stop after 37.5 minutes
Delayed-start disinfection: start in 8 hours and automatically stop after 37.5 minutes
Mite Removal feature : Instant mite removal: automatically stop after 37.5 minutes
Delayed-start mite removal: start in 8 hours and automatically stop after 37.5 minutes
Voice control - Complete various clothes drying actions by simply asking "Xiaofei Xiaofei".
DC motor control - DC motor control ensures ≤55 dB noise when the rack moves with 35 kg load.
Smart heat drying - Under Standard and Enhanced mode, the drying rack keeps venting 40-50℃ warm air, enabling fast clothes drying in all weathers.
APP control - Remote control and log review allow you to control clothes drying situation at home at anywhere.

Automatic rack lifting control
Lighting - Automatically stop after 2 hours
Air drying
Smart Heat drying

Remote Control
Enjoy one click on the remote control to monitor your drying of clothes. The DC motor lets the drying rack move quick and quietly. It takes only 20s for the rack to go up or down.

Obstacle Sensing
Gently hold the descending rack to stop it. After hanging your clothes up, slightly push the rack with your hands and it will go up automatically. No need to turn around to look for your remote control, making clothes drying much easier.

Free Basic Installation**
**Terms and Conditions Apply by 3rd party installers. Charges is payable to 3rd party installers

Dimensions (WxDxH): 342 X 1622 X 80mm
Weight: 11.5kg

Country of Manufacturing: China

Local Warranty: 5 year warranty on Motor , 2 years warranty on parts, 2 years warranty on site labour, 1 year warranty on remote control

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