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Maison 21G - Find Your Scent


Maison 21G is a unique brand revolutionising personalisation in haute perfumery. Thanks to our revolutionary technology, we are able to cut all perfumery intermediaries and bring high quality scents directly to the consumer.

Born out of Johanna Monange’s passion for scent design, having been a French scent designer her whole life for the most famous designer brands, she wishes to empower all to craft a perfume according their taste and the occasion they are looking to wear their perfume for.

At Maison 21G, We want you to feel at home, free to express yourself to find your very own scent identity. Be yourself, be your scent.

“At Maison, we curate the best natural essences and we share our creative knowledge for you to encapsulate the scent of your soul. As reported by the New York times, 21 grams is the weight of your soul." - Johanna Monange

Bespoke Haute Perfumery

Pre-order and collect your items on board your next Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or Scoot flight.
Choose to have your items delivered to you, anywhere in the world.
Earn 1.5 KrisFlyer Miles for every S$1 spent and use your KrisFlyer Miles to redeem your purchases.
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