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SOLIS Slice & More (Type 8401)
SOLIS Sandwich Toaster

SGD 399.00
or 49,875 miles

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Product Weight
4.69 kg
SOLIS Slice & More (Type 8401)
• Compact multigrater for chopping, shredding, slicing and grating of soft as well as hard food
• Can be used with for example chocolate, potatoes, carrots, apples, parmezan cheese, cucumber, cabbage, onions.
• Great for making salads, desserts, cakes, dumpling fillings, vegetable mixes for sauces, stir fries, stews, quiche and much more.
• Removable BPA-free plastic parts and stainless steel drums are easy to clean
• Large funnel (5.5 x 7 cm) with tamper ensures safe and easy operation.
• Powerful and durable motor of 350 watts, 2 speed settings.
• 5 different cutting drums
• Safe and sturdy: non-slip feet, suction pads and two storage containers to safely store your machine
• Product Measurement: 13cm x 30cm x 19cm (W x H x D)
• Approximate Weight : 2kg

SOLIS Sandwich Toaster
• Special function for grilled sandwiches: Gentle preparation of grilled sandwiches. The cheese melts without burning the outside of the bread.
• Turbo function: With the turbo function you can toast your bread up to 40% faster. Can only be used in the normal toasting mode.
• Bagel function: Special function for bagels where only the inner heating elements are active.
• Breadcrumb tray: The tray collects all breadcrumbs and is easy to empty. You can clean the tray by hand.
• Extra wide slots: Thanks to the extra wide slots you can make grilled sandwiches and toast bagels or English muffins.
• Bun warmer: With the built-in and easy-to-fold bun warmer you can easily heat up sandwiches, cakes or croissants.
• Closed bottom: The closed bottom of the toaster prevents the cheese from running into the toaster.
• 7 different levels: The toaster has 7 different browning levels.
• Defrosting and reheating: Features a defrost and reheat function.
• Automatic switch-off: The toaster switches off automatically after about 5 minutes.
• Centring mechanism: The centring mechanism ensures that your bread is toasted in the best possible way.
• 2 sandwich clamps included: The Sandwich Toaster comes with two sandwich clamps.
• Product Measurement: 29cm x 18cm x 21cm (L x W x H)
• Approximate Weight : 2kg

Brand Origin: Switzerland
Country of Manufacturing: China
Warranty Period: 2 years Local warranty
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