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Indulge in the exotic scents of the Far East with our collection of true-to-life, Oriental botanic-inspired fragrances. Made with the finest essential oil fragrances & natural coconut blend wax, our candles will transport you to a world of luxury & elevate the ambiance of any room

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Product Weight
1.2 kg

Perfectly packaged for gifting, each signature gift box features a hand woven ‘Eternal Knot’ tassel which has a centuries-old meaning in many parts of Asia - a charm that symbolises good luck, longevity, and an auspicious connection between two souls. It makes TEMPLE Candles an especially meaningful gift.

Measurements: 450g

Up to 80 hours burn time with correct candle care*

*Trim wicks to 3-5mm before lighting for optimal candle performance and safety. Failure to do so may result in poor candle performance and potential fire hazard

This elegant fragrance captures the essence of the graceful bamboo forests of the Orient. It blends together refreshing notes of bamboo leaf, gentle lily of the valley, crisp green accords, and subtle citrus tones of the spider lily.

Create an air of luxury hotel ambiance in your living spaces with this refined and elegant scent. A minimalist and clean scent that embodies the purest essence of Oriental botanic fragrances.

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