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Brand OSIM

The most attainable OSIM V-Hands Massage Chair Yet

Deluxe Indulgence at Great Value

Please note that the order will be delivered from end May 2024 onwards.
OSIM will reach out separately to advise on the earliest delivery date applicable.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

(out of stock)
SGD 2,109.00 SGD 4,128.00
or 263,625 miles

For delivery in Singapore, GST will be calculated at checkout.

Delivery is applicable for Singapore addresses only.


Product Weight
99 kg

V-Hand™ Massage technology

  • Emulates the agile hand-grip of a professional masseuse
    Human-like massage experience
  • Extracts deep seated knots, specially at the neck and shoulders
    Relieve tension resulting from daily work or use of digital devices

The intelligent V-Hand™ Massage that created by Japanese massage expert team ensures you the smoothest and most pleasurable massage.
1st Generation: 2D massage
Move vertically and horizontally
2nd Generation: 3D massage
Move vertically and horizontally + Move Forward
3rd Generation: V-Hand massage
2D + 3D Massage + Hand-Grip

Advanced Massage Technology
Long Track Massage
A long day at work may wear you out but the uDeluxe Max can get you covered. Enjoy a seamless massage from head to butt to relieve pain points and get you refreshed.

For well-being and comfort
Maximize your stay-home massage experience with additional massage chair features, designed for your overall well-being. The soothing warmth and relaxing recline function of uDeluxe Max provides you with health benefits in the comfort of your personal massage chair.
1. Soothing Warmth Function
Relaxing warmth on your back helps to loosen stiff muscles and joints while promoting better circulation at the same time. Choose from two levels of warmth intensity: High & Low.
2. Experience Zero Gravity
Recline up to 155degree to immerse yourself in the deepest relaxation with uDeluxe Max. Zero gravity helps to relieve tension from your spine and muscles to ensure that you feel revitalized for the day.

My years of experience in massage treatment gives me insights on user’s needs, and the knowledge to design effective lifestyle massage program that not only address those needs, but are also indulgingly enjoyable.

Sato Tsuyoshi
Japanese Chiropractic Massage Expert

Professionally tailored massages to meet your lifestyle needs
A good massage is not only powerful and intense, but also able to cater to your lifestyle needs, providing you with precise and targeted massage to effectively relieve tension just where you need it.
The uDeluxe Max with its suite of professionally crafted massage programs is tailored as such, to serve the diverse needs of the whole family.

uDeluxe Max Signature Auto Massage Programs
  • Neck & Shoulders
    The human-like V-Hand™ Massage Technology targets the head, neck and shoulders to relieve tension resulting from daily use of digital devices.
  • Lumbar & Butt
    The long track massage extends to the butt area to relieve tired and tensed muscles resulted from prolonged sitting.
  • Relax
    Relax and unwind with a soothing massage at the end of each work day.
  • Energize
    Enjoy an invigorating massage to stimulate your body and mind for greater productivity.
  • Stretch
    Loosen muscles to improve range of motions and greater flexibility.
  • Sleep
    Prepare your body and mind for a good night’s sleep.
  • CEO
    The ultimate massage relief for the high achievers and professionals in the midst of your busy schedules.
  • Beauty
    A pampering massage designed to tone and firm, it helps to improve circulation and keep your body in shape.

Unlock multiple massage combinations
Massage techniques
  • Airbag
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Rolling
  • Dual

Build your personal massage style
  • Suitable for all builds
    7 levels of Auto Shoulder Detection
  • Dynamic massage intensity
    3D massage intensity: 5 levels (shoulders and lumbar) and 3 levels (butt)
  • Adjustable roller position
    3 levels of roller width to target specific pain points
  • Customizable massage speed
    2 levels of tapping massage speed for your preference

Enjoy a soothing full-body relaxation
Other than offering a comforting massage for common pain points like the neck, shoulders and back, uDeluxe Max also offers targeted massage for areas that are often neglected to make sure you’re well taken care of from head to toe.
Relieve tension in your shoulders and upper arms
Paired with a set of professionally choreographed sequence, the airbag massage targets stiff shoulder muscles to soothe accumulated strain and tension.
Relax your thighs and hips
Prolonged sitting slows down circulation in the thighs and hips. The robust airbag massage can help to improve circulation and relax the tired muscles.
Instant relief for your arms, hands and palms
Rhythmic airbag inflation and deflation revitalizes the entire arm, right down to your fingertips.
Rejuvenate tired calves, ankles and feet
A combination of wrap-around kneading massage and roller reflexology provides instant deep relief to tired and aching legs.

Experience the 3-in-1 uDeluxe Max
1. Sofa
Retract the foot massage unit into a compact sofa for extra space saving. Indulge in your favourite past-time such as watching shows or surfing online in your personal seat.
2. Lounger
Rotate the foot massage unit into a comfortable ottoman. Stretch out and relax with your favourite music on the versatile uDeluxe Max. Perfect for a lazy afternoon!
3. Massage chair
Adjust the foot massage unit and backrest to your desired angle for maximum massage comfort. Drift off to a peaceful tranquillity while you pamper yourself with a full-body massage.

Extendible foot massager
The foot massage unit can be extended (up to approximately 6cm) to fit various heights for full massage coverage for calves, ankles and feet.

Detachable fabric for hygiene
The fabric covering the foot massage unit can be easily removed and washed for better hygiene.

Backrest & footrest safety mechanism
When safety sensors detect an object in its path of motion, backrest and footrest will stop reclining or retracting automatically.

Inspiring colors with functional design
A combination of style and function, uDeluxe Max comes in a sleek design with 3 interesting color selections to complement your home style and aesthetics. A perfect additional for your home indeed.

Dimension: 74cm(L) x 115cm (W) x 122cm(H)
Net Weight: Approx. 81kg
Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty
Brand Origin: Singapore

Please note that the order will be delivered from end May 2024 onwards.
OSIM will reach out separately to advise on the earliest delivery date applicable.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

*Please note:
For any faulty item received, kindly contact the Krisshop customer service team within 7 days from receiving for further assistance.

OSIM will assist with the verification of the issues and assist with the 1 – 1 exchange if necessary. Refunds are strictly not applicable.

Product Usage Suitability
This product is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment of conditions that should be managed by a qualified health care provider. If you are under any medication or fall into any of the following categories (but not limited to), please consult your health care provider first before purchase / use: a) Heart diseases, b) High, or low blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), c) Pregnant, d)Diabetes, e)Individuals fitted with medical implants (e.g pacemaker, automatic cardiac defibrillator (AICD), f) Recently underwent surgical operations, g) Those with any bone conditions like fractures, osteoporosis.

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