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Brand THEO10
Theo10® Sunscreen is a moisturizing SPF50 sweat and water-resistant sunscreen which strictly contains no harmful substance to human and ocean.
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Theo10® Sunscreen is a moisturizing SPF50 sweat and water-resistant sunscreen which strictly contains no harmful substance to human and ocean. It effectively deflects harmful UV rays before they reach the protective outer epidermis layer of the skin. Theo10® Sunscreen is a broad-spectrum protection formulated sunscreen for protection against both UVA and UVB. We ensure that the ingredients we use does no harm to human and oceans particularly reefs. Our sunscreen contains non-nano and uncoated particles and food grade organic ingredients.
While most sunscreen whitens the applied area, Theo10® Sunscreen does not leave any traces of whitening features, instead, it moistens and grants an occlusive layer to retain the barrier against moisture loss and sunscreen protection.

Suitable for:
🍀 Young Children
🍀 Sensitive Skin
🍀 Dry or oily skin
🍀 Up to 90min water-resistant

🍀 Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil
🍀 USP food grade Vegetable glycerine
🍀 Non-nano Non-coated Therapeutic Grade Zinc Oxide
🍀 Non-nano Non-coated Therapeutic Grade Titanium Dioxide
🍀 Cold Pressed Valencia Orange Oil

Method of Application:
Ideally should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure to allow it to be fully functional.

Theo10® Repels is a revolutionary ‘wind-proof’ insect repellent that is effective against mosquito and ants which is created using only all-natural organic ingredients for outdoor use. It coats your skin with a very fine layer of essential oils that effectively protects your skin against mosquitoes and ants for up to 4 hours. While most other repellents use smell to repel mosquitoes, natural elements outdoors such as wind dissipates smell and drastically reduces the efficacy.

Theo10® REPELS uses a very unique blend of natural essential and cold pressed oils to ensure that while it is effective against mosquitoes, bedbugs and ants, it does not leave your skin oily or sticky. We have also added oils with anti-aging properties which nourishes and moisturizes the skin so that it does not cause any dryness or skin sensitivity.

Suitable for:
🍀 6 Months Old and Above
🍀 Repelling Mosquito, bedbugs and ants
🍀 Up to 4 hours
🍀 Sensitive skin

Method of Application: 3 simple steps – 3S (Shake, Spray, Spread)
Step 1: Shake the bottler> Step 2: Spray on skin Step 3: Spread 2 times gently over skin *Repeat the steps on all exposed skin*

To maximize its effectiveness, spray (15cm away) on all exposed skin and spread gently across the skin. While spraying on the face, use fingers to cover the closed eyes and rub the face gently before opening eyes. Apply every 3 to 4 hours for continued protection. For 6 month old babies, spray from a further distance (20cm away) to prevent over concentration on an area.
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