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TRU-Infrared™ cooking technology Our unique grill system with success guaranteed. Five key benefits (up to 50% juicier food, 100% even heat distribution, no flare-ups, easy cleaning, up to 30% more economical consumption) to ensure maximum grilling fun.
SGD 1,494.00
or 186,750 miles

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Product Weight
60 kg
Cast iron grates Coated cast iron grates for greater heat retention and perfect sear strip marks. The grates are durable, rust-resistant and easy to clean.
Stainless steel burner’s four fuel-efficient, high-performance burners made of stainless steel for maximum heat with low gas consumption. The burners are heat-resistant and particularly durable.
High-performance sear burner With the high-performance heat system, which reaches temperatures of up to 900° on the burner, a crispy crust and that perfect barbecue flavor are achieved. The solid cast iron grill grate ensures the optimal transfer of heat and helps to create those mouth-watering, professional grill stripes.
LED illumination A red LED illumination on the temperature controllers underscores the grill’s modern look and helps to improve gas flow control.
The built-in, large, stable holder ensures the easy positioning of gas bottles weighing up to 11 kg.
Gas level indicator A manometer connected to the regulator indicates the filling level of the gas bottle.
Folding side shelf A large, stainless steel side shelf provides an additional work surface and can be folded down for space-saving storage.

Product Dimensions: 120.9cm (H) x 54cm (L) x 145.5cm (W)
Main Cooking Area: 77.2cm x 44.5cm
Product Weight: 60Kg
Warranty Period: 12 Months Local Warranty
Brand Origin: USA
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