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• Powerful 2000W Performance: Quickly reach your desired temperature with this high-powered oven
• Self-Cleaning Coating: Easy maintenance with a self-cleaning coating that reduces residue buildup
• Adjustable Temperature Control (80-230°C): Achieve precision cooking with a wide range of temperature settings
• Warm-to-Touch Housing: Stay safe while cooking, thanks to a housing that remains warm to the touch
• M-Shaped Stainless Steel Heating Element (Upper and Lower): Ensure even and efficient cooking and baking with dual M-shaped heating elements
• Individual Upper and Lower Temperature Controls: Fine-tune your cooking with separate temperature controls for the upper and lower decks
• Convection and Rotisserie: Experience versatile cooking options with convection and a built-in rotisserie function
• 4-Level Rack Insertion: Customise your cooking space with four levels of rack insertion
• Double Glass Door: Enhance heat retention and safety with a double glass door
• 25W Inner Lamp: Enjoy better visibility while cooking or baking
• 2 Year Warranty: On manufacturing defects and inferior materials
SGD 266.00
or 33,250 miles

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Product Weight
1.53 kg
This multifunctional wonder is not just an ordinary kitchen appliance; it's your trusted partner for achieving culinary excellence.

Powerful 2000W Performance
Say goodbye to waiting around for your appliance to heat up. With a robust 2000W power rating, our oven ensures that you can quickly reach your desired cooking temperature, saving you valuable time in the kitchen. Whether you're searing, roasting, or baking, this oven has the power you need to get the job done efficiently.

Self-Cleaning Coating
We understand that cleaning up after cooking can be a chore. That's why our oven appliance features a self-cleaning coating that simplifies maintenance. This innovative coating reduces residue buildup, making cleanup a breeze. Spend less time scrubbing and more time savouring your culinary creations.

Adjustable Temperature Control (80-230°C)
Precision cooking is at your fingertips. With an adjustable temperature control ranging from 80°C to 230°C, you have the flexibility to cook a wide range of dishes with precision. Achieve perfect results every time, whether you're baking delicate pastries or searing savory meats.

Warm-to-Touch Housing
Safety is paramount in the kitchen. Our oven is designed with a warm-to-touch housing that ensures your safety while cooking. You can confidently navigate around the appliance without worrying about accidental burns.

M-Shaped Stainless Steel Heating Element (Upper and Lower)
Enjoy even and efficient cooking with the dual M-shaped heating elements. These elements distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking chamber, ensuring consistent results. From top to bottom, your dishes will be cooked to perfection.

Convection and Rotisserie
Experience culinary versatility like never before with the convection and built-in rotisserie feature. Roast succulent meats, bake delectable pastries, and explore a world of cooking possibilities with ease. This appliance is your gateway to culinary creativity.

4-Level Rack Insertion
Tailor your cooking space to your specific needs with the four levels of rack insertion. Whether you're preparing a family feast or a cozy dinner for two, you can adjust the cooking levels area to accommodate your dishes perfectly.

Individual Upper and Lower Temperature Controls
Fine-tune your culinary creations with individual temperature controls for the upper and lower heating elements. This level of control allows you to experiment with various cooking techniques and achieve exceptional results every time.

Double Glass Door
Enhance heat retention, visibility, and safety with the double glass door. Watch your dishes come to life as they cook, and rest easy knowing that the heat is sealed inside, optimising cooking efficiency and flavour.

25W Inner Lamp
Keep a close eye on your culinary masterpieces with the 25W inner lamp. This added visibility ensures that you can monitor your dishes without opening the door, preserving the ideal cooking environment.

2 Year Warranty
With a 2-year limited warranty, you gain an extra layer of protection for your investment. It covers any defects in workmanship and inferior material that may arise during the warranty period.

Dimension (L x B X H): 51.8 x 39.5 x 32.9 cm
Brand Origin: Singapore
Country of Manufacturing: China
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