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S8 MaxV Ultra - cleaning beyound limits. TUV SUD proved bacteria elimination by removal of physical stains on surface.
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Product Weight
18.3 kg
S8 MaxV Ultra - cleaning beyound limits. TUV SUD proved bacteria elimination by removal of physical stains on surface. Boasting advanced features like RoboDock Ultra for seamless operation, it ensures precision with Corner-to-Edge Cleaning Technology. Enjoy efficient and smart cleaning with 10,000 Pa suction, SmartPlan Technology, and Reactive AI 2.0. Enhance capabilities with the Dual Roller Riser Brush, VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System, and Carpet Boost System. Stay connected through real-time video calls, pet-friendly features, and smart suggestions. With built-in voice assistance, 3D mapping, and more, the S8 MaxV Ultra redefines cleaning convenience!

Multifunctional Dock Station
Dirt Detection (Re-wash System) + Hot Water Washing & Drying Mop + Auto Tank Refilling + Auto Dust Emptying + Auto Detergent System

Corner-to-edge cleaning technology, FlexiArm Side Brush + Extra Edge Mopping System
Automatically extend side brush to corners and low areas below furniture are detected, allowing robot to sweep up dirt from hard-to-reach spaces.
Rotatin side mop precise cleanliness of floors, mopping closer to the edges with impressive margins of less than 1.68mm.
With these features, it excels in conquering challenging cleaning areas such as wall edges, chair legs, cabinet corners, and shoe shelves.

10,000 Pa Extreme Suction
Industry-leading 10,000 Pa HyperForce suction power, Carpet Boost System, optimised vacuum fan power to pull out tiny particles, dust mites hidding deeply inside carpet

Reactive AI 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance
Combining advanced 3D structured light and RGB camera, robot effortless to recognise obstacles and identifies floor and room types, faster navigation.

Dual Roller Riser Brush (Anti-tangling)
Two spinning brush spin in reverse direction to pick up hair/tiny particles instantly. This liftable brush also allows users to mop up spills without damaging the robot vacuum.
Main brush made of silicone, so it prevent hair tangling around roller brush, ease of removing to clean and wash. adapt to carpet / floor surface curvature for better suction

VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System
Scrub floor surface stain 4000 times per min, optimised for hard floor surface mopping such as marble, wood, tile and vinnyl flooring. It lifts up to 20mm above the ground while cleaning carpets, allowing simultaneous vacuum and mopping without causing unwanted dampness.

Carpet Boost System
Coupled with auto-increased suction power, eliminates messes from carpets with superior efficiency.

Real-time video call and 2 ways audio
Connect with your kid or pets using the robot camera and two-way audio interaction.

Pawsitively Perfect
Not only can recognise pets and stop its main brushes when avoiding them, but it also boosts suction power when cleaning around pet supplies. Capture cute pictures of your pets while cleaning, easily downloadable for you. Use the "search for the pet feature" on the APP to make the robot roam around your home and find your pet by pressing a button on the APP.

Built-in Voice Assistant
Can just start your cleaning tasks and explore more capabilities with a simple "HELLO ROCKY", even without network connection.

Mapping / Path planning: Yes
Objects recognition (front camera): Yes
Barrier-cross Height: 20 mm
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor : Yes

Cleaning Features
Suction Power: 10,000 Pa
Auto Dust Collection: Yes
Disposable dustbag capacity: 2.7 L

Mopping features
Auto Mop 60 °C Hot Water Wash
Auto Mop Wash / Hot Air Dry : Yes
Auto Detergent Dispenser : Yes
Auto Water Refill (robot) : Yes
Auto Mop Lift : 20mm
Dock's Water Tank Capacity : 4L

Battery Capacity: 5200 mAh
Battery life: 180 min
Charging Time: 240 min
Rated Power (Watts): 69 W

⚙ Usability & Control
Wi-Fi Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa/Siri : Yes

App Features
No-Go Zone : Yes
Multi-floor maps: Yes
Selected Room Cleaning: Yes

Volume : 117,046.02
Dimension (L x B X H): 54.6cm x 48.5cm x 44.2cm
Brand Origin: China
Country of Manufacturing: China
Warranty Period: 1 Year Local Warranty
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