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Newly upgraded 2nd Gen 377VC Serum contains exclusive Japan BV-3X Glow™ technology that activates Anti-Melanin, Anti-Oxidation APPS and Collagen Booster skin functions for brighter, firmer & translucent skin after 4 weeks. Focused on spots fading, radiance and translucent complexion.

新升级的第二代377VC精华液含有独家的日本BV-3X Glow™ 技术,可以激活抗黑色素、抗氧化APPS和胶原增强皮肤功能,使肌肤在4周后变得更加明亮、紧致和透明。专注于淡化斑点、提升肌肤光泽和透明感。
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Experience the Newly upgraded 2nd Gen 377VC Serum which contains exclusive Japan BV-3X Glow™ technology unveiling brighter, more translucent, and firmer skin in just 4 weeks. Targeting three crucial pathways to healthy skin glow—melanin, collagen, and oxidation/glycation—it boasts a staggering 27X melanin inhibition power, effectively reducing stubborn pigmentation. With 6X brightening power, it accelerates skin brightening and aids in post-UV hyperpigmentation recovery. Enjoy a 3D improvement in skin glow, encompassing radiance, translucency, and brightness. Plus, it promotes the production of three key types of skin collagen for visibly firmer skin.

体验全新升级的第二代377VC精华液,内含独家的日本BV-3X Glow™ 技术,仅需4周即可展现更明亮、更透明、更紧致的肌肤。拥有健康肌肤光泽的三条关键途径——黑色素、胶原蛋白和氧化/糖化——它拥有令人惊叹的27倍黑色素抑制力,有效减少顽固色素沉着。拥有6倍亮白功效,加速肌肤亮白,并有助于恢复紫外线后的色素沉着。享受肌肤光泽的立体改善,包括光泽、透明度和亮度。此外,它促进了三种关键类型的皮肤胶原蛋白的生成,使肌肤显著更加紧致。
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