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Meet the accessory that takes your workspace to the next level, perfectly complementing your Logitech tools. Get the fresh pop of color you crave, the comfort you need, and the desk protection you expect.
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Introducing the Logitech Desk Mat, a colorful, anti-slip spill-resistant surface designed to complete your space. Part of Logitech’s Studio Series, the Desk Mat lets you find your glide and define your style, all while keeping your desk protected. Available in three vibrant colors - lavender, dark rose or mid grey - the Desk Mat pairs beautifully with POP Keys and POP Mouse.

● Elevate Your Space: Click color into your workspace and keep your desk protected. The soft cloth mat delivers style and comfort, available in lavender, dark rose, or mid grey colors.
● Multifunctional: The mat’s large size (30cm x 70cm) comfortably accommodates your favorite keyboard, mouse and other Logitech devices and accessories.
● Spill-Resistant & Easy to Clean: Spill-repellent surface withstands accidental mishaps, so liquids can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth.
● Effortless Glide: The smooth, comfy cloth surface featuring a fine weave delivers an effortless, silent glide for your mouse - whether you’re in the office or at home.
● Beauty that Lasts: Strong, soft fibers are wrinkle and shrink-resistant, with flat-stitch, anti-fray edges. Plus, it features an anti-slip rubber base to keep it in place.
● Mix and Match: Pair it with Logitech POP Keys mechanical keyboard and POP Mouse, with swappable emoji shortcuts to spice up your communication and get your true self heard.
● Carefully Chosen Materials: The mat’s comfortable surface fabric and inner layer are made from recycled polyester, giving a second life to PET bottles, and its anti-slip base is made from natural rubber.

Desk Mat Dimensions
● Size: 30 cm x 70 cm
● Thickness: 2 mm rubber base
● Weight: 286 g

1 Year local warranty
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