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Our Yamanaka region is known as wooden basis producer with its high technique and philosophy which harness the nature. Our method of using wood is "vertical" which makes products keep standing vertical as the tree does, this way it's possible to create our products closer to the nature and combine force and sensitivity. The Konruri glass is ideal for serving white wine. 

SGD 539.00
or 67,375 miles

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Product Weight
0.21 kg

IPPONGI is made of one wooden piece and coated with clear glass material to show its beautiful and delicate curved line and surface. IPPONGI is not just a product but also our messenger who brings you the opportunity to notice and understand how important the wood is to our lives.Its great form could show you the combination of stillness and motion.

With its simple but delicate appearance,it is perfectly sized for your hand which is the strong point of Konruri. It is versatile for various drinks which gives you opportunities to explore.

Take your time and senses to discover each different character in its appearance, aroma and texture.

  • Handcrafted
  • Material: Sakura, Japanese Cherry blossom wood
  • Clear glass coating preventing colour stain
  • Dimension: Dia 83mm x H150mm
  • Made in Japan,

*** Due to the natural material used, each productwill have a variation in its wood grain and colour finishing.

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