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NestBloom is an edible beauty product made with bird’s nest. Completely natural and free of preservatives, each bloom is meticulously handcrafted and freeze-dried to preserve its nutrients; and only requires 5 minutes of preparation time to pamper your loved ones.
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0.34 kg

Our Signature Assortment consist of NestBloom’s classic four almond blooms which are all sculpted after beautiful flowers, it is our hope that it brings you the taste of tradition and artistic modernity wrapped in a moment of self-pampering and mindfulness.

Our classic blooms are based around Chinese almond milk which has been made the traditional way, from pure whole southern almonds. Soothing and calming to drink, it has then been added to premium bird’s nest, with a hint of pure rock sugar. With a little special touch, we have crafted four special blooms to offer a little something to everyone:

  • Chrysanthemum – A Glimpse of Home

Carefully selected bird’s nest is balanced with the rich and lush flavour of the finest almonds and a hint of pure rock sugar – an original that is a beloved staple in every pampering ritual.

  • Rose – Love Sweet Love

Infused with rose to give a touch of delicate flavour, this anti-oxidant rich bloom is perfect to wind down with at the end of the day when you need some pampering.

  • Camellia – Come What May

Classic almond cream and bird’s nest is paired with exquisite matcha, adding the earthy and complex taste of tea. Perfect for kick-starting the day or a perk-me-up at anytime.

  • Carnation – Love Like No Other

The finest vanilla beans adds a warm and fragrant note to our quintessentially rich almond base. Infused with the calming properties of vanilla, this bloom is a perfect treat to unwind and relax with after a stressful day.

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