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Essentials for the New Norm

Nail the New Norm

In this time of masking up and wiping down, what we now count as daily essentials look vastly different. That said, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy the perfect balance of form and function in our new must-haves. Here are our top picks!

Get down to basics

The most essential of essentials both now and in the foreseeable future are face masks. Masks are here to stay and choosing the right ones are surely worth the time, given that it will take up a good amount of real estate on your face. Don’t forget to also stock up on some antibacterial sanitiser!


Put Your Best Face Foward

While you may be tempted to give up on skincare altogether, a proper skincare routine is key to ensuring skin barrier maintenance and repair. Begin with a basic facial cleanser, and then pat on a lightweight moisturiser for a dose of hydration, followed by a generous layer of sunscreen. Night time skincare is just as important: start with a thorough but gentle cleansing after peeling off your mask for the day, followed by some pampering with antioxidant creams and masks.


Bring Your Own Gear

Whether you’re working off that extra pound from last night’s supper, or going the opposite direction with a tasty treat for conquering the stay-home stress, check off that hygiene box by bringing your own gear. From mats to mugs, these go a long way in minimising the risk of physical contact.


Settle in with Snacks

No list of essentials would be complete without mentioning the bread and butter, or in our case, chips and chocolates. Whether you’re back at the office or still working from home, nothing eases a time of transition quite like comfort food. Stock up on your favourite snacks to beat the workday slump, and don’t forget to raise a glass to yourself for making it this far.


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