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Congratulations to these winners!

Here are the lucky winners who have won 50,000 KrisFlyer miles in the weekly draw:

Week 1 (3 to 9 June 2020): 
Wayne Wei An Yen
Goh Lai Tin

Week 2 (10 to 16 June 2020):
Sennett Tan
Hwee Kheng Grace Ling

Week 3 (17 to 23 June 2020):
Benson Xie
Bee Ching Belinda Sin

Week 4 (24 to 30 June 2020):
Kuah Ee Peng
Calvin Ng

Here are the lucky winners who have won the Grand Prizes:

200,000 Miles:
Rohit Gulati

100,000 Miles:
Hanson Yap

75,000 Miles:
Choo Geok Cheng
Florent Ozil
Wong Lai Siong
Tong Chye Fung

We will be contacting the winners via email for verification purposes. 


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