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Leica Camera is excited to bring the next milestone and icon in the company's long history of premium cameras – the new Leica SL2.
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Product Weight
1.64 kg
Leica Camera is excited to bring the next milestone and icon in the company's long history of premium cameras – the new Leica SL2. Building on the platform that was established with the Leica SL when the trailblazing system was introduced in 2015, the Leica SL2 elevates the full frame mirrorless segment to new heights with improved performance, refined ergonomics and streamlined controls.

The Leica SL2 combines a brand new 47 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor with state-of-the-art sensor-based Body Image Stabilization to get the best image and video quality possible with all Leica lenses. The new Maestro III processor enables fast burst shooting and 4K for the highest quality and flexibility, and the optional Cine Mode speaks the language of cinematographers who require a professional work flow. The new OLED EVF with 5.76 million dots of resolution guarantees the clearest view and composition through a Leica lens. These new technical achievements paired with a larger 3.2" rear LCD and the essential Leica three-button control layout make the SL2 the most capable and approachable professional system camera.

• 47 MP High Resolution stills and 4K video: The perfect hybrid camera with top-level image quality from Leica for both stills and video
• Built-in Body Image Stabilization: All lenses are now stabilized, helping lens a steadier shot even with adapted Leica M-Lenses
• Leica Object Detection Autofocus with face/body tracking: Track moving subjects to capture the action in tack-sharp focus
• IP54 Weather sealed full-metal body made from aluminum and magnesium: Use the SL2 in any and all rough environments with confidence that it will continue to perform
• Designed in-house and Made in Germany: Built to last, with design cues from Leica's history that honor the past with a focus on the future
• Enhanced ergonomic design: Better comfort for a more secure grip with less fatigue after long hours of use
• Leatherette wrap around front and rear: More rugged and resilient exterior that feels comfortable in the hand
• Streamlined three-button rear control layout with customizable function buttons: Approachable and easy to use button layout similar to the Leica M10, CL and Q2
• Upgraded EyeRes EVF - 5.76 MP: The best view with easier critical focusing, including focus peaking for manual focus lenses
• Dual UHS-II SDXC card slots: Get maximum memory card performance for burst shooting, video & direct backup to either card
• Maestro III Processor: The newest generation of processors to maintain high speeds at these new levels of image quality
• ISO range 50 - 50,000: Flexible enough to shoot in any lighting scenario, even low light
• 3.2" rear LCD - 2.1 million dot resolution: Larger rear LCD for easier use of touch functions and a better/bigger viewing experience
• Up to 20 fps (electronic shutter) and 10 fps (mechanical shutter) still-capture speed: Fast back-to-back shots to ensure you do not miss the right moment
• 14 stops of dynamic range: Plenty of latitude in post-processing to push shadows and pull highlights even in difficult lighting
• Multishot function (187 MP resolution): Use the built-in stabilization to stitch together super high-res still images (coming 2020 via firmware)
• 4K video recording across the full sensor: Top-notch video recording that captures every detail from edge to edge of the lens
• Up to 4K/60p and 5K/30p (cropped): A multitude of filming mode options for the most versatility on any video job
• L-Log and HLG video gamma: Pro-friendly options for post-processing that maximizes the highest quality from the sensor
• Optional Cine Mode: Changes photo terms like shutter speed into cinema terms like shutter angle for a seamless cinematographer's workflow
• 8 or 10-bit recording straight to card: Maximum color fidelity in video even on-the-go when shooting to the memory card
• HDMI output for full 10-bit 4:2:2 recording: Record to an external recorded such as Atomos for the very best results with the most versatility
• Built-in 3.5mm headphones and mic jacks: Plug in nearly any microphone and monitor audio levels on-the-go without the need of a dongle
• USB-C 3.1 port for in-camera charging and fast data transfer: The convenience of a reversible USB cable that supports charging, data transfer and tethering

New Sensor with Body Image Stabilization
The newly developed 47 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor – with an ISO range of 50 - 50,000 – gives photographers all the resolution they need while still maintaining high speeds and versatile low-light shooting. The integrated BIS system offers up to 5.5 stops of stabilization with any lens, including adapted Leica lenses never before stabilized, allowing stills and video to be steadier and helping guarantee sharp images even in low light with slower shutter speeds.

4K Video Recording with Cine Mode
The Leica SL2 is a perfect hybrid platform for both stills and video, now recording 4K across the full sensor. It goes further with 4K video up to 60 fps, a cropped 5K mode, built-in 3.5mm headphone and mic jacks and 10-bit quality direct to card. For pros operating in a high-level work flow, the SL2 can be set to Cine Mode to speak the language of cinematographers. For example, shutter speed becomes shutter angle and ISO becomes ASA.

Streamlined Menu Interface and Button Layout
Furthering Leica's mantra of "Das Wesentliche" (The Essentials), the Leica SL2 has a simplified interface and control scheme. The menu functions for Photo and Video are split up with a graphical interface to clearly identify which one you are in and help you navigate. The three-button control layout of the M10, CL & Q2 has now migrated to the SL2 for easier controls that are more approachable while still customizable enough for even seasoned pros.

Improved Ergonomics and Weather Sealing
Part of what makes the Leica SL-System so special is its versatility. The new IP54-rated weather sealing of the SL2 ensures this versatile camera can perform in any extreme environment. Additionally, the ergonomics and contours of the camera have been improved to ensure it can be used for long periods of time without fatigue. The new grip material gives a more confident and secure grip that is comfortable to hold and use.

New Electronic Viewfinder
When the Leica SL debuted in 2015, it set the standard for EVF performance for years to come. The new OLED EVF in the Leica SL2 brings even better color fidelity and higher contrast with more resolution and sharpness. This new EVF has 5.76 million dots of resolution for the highest quality viewing and composing experience through a Leica lens.

Evolved Design for an Iconic Leica Identity
For the SL2, the designers at Leica's design office in Munich looked to the brand's heritage for inspiration. Hearkening back to the Leicaflex SL and Leica R3/R4, the SL-System's forebears, they established a more iconic Leica identity for the SL2. Now built from a main chassis of magnesium and a solid aluminum top, the Leica SL2 marches towards the future while respecting the past and its legacy.

Leica Object Detection Autofocus System
The advanced contrast-detect autofocus system of the Leica SL2 is capable of face detection and body detection, to track moving subjects and maintain pinpoint accuracy. Intelligent-AF (iAF) can be used to focus on still subjects and begin tracking them as soon as they move. The focusing settings can also be fine-tuned by the user to adjust the behavior and tolerances for tracking.

Long Exposures in Less Time
Users now have the option of turning off Long Exposure Noise Reduction in the menu of the Leica SL2, allowing photographers who capture long exposures to work quicker and more conveniently. Capture detail in even the darkest scenes with a maximum shutter time of 30 minutes.

This set consists of:
- Leica SL2 #10856
- Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm ASPH #11176

Dimensions (W x H x D): 146 x 107 x 42 mm
Weight: approx. 835 g (without battery)
2 Year local warranty
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