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Double the Protection with Bentrio Nasal Spray. Scientifically Proven Protection Against Airborne Viruses and Allergens (20ml)
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About the Product

Double the Protection with Bentrio Nasal Spray Scientifically Proven Protection Against Airborne Viruses and Allergens. Traps up to 99.4% of Viruses and Allergens through unique Triple Protective Effect 

  • Forms an additional layer of protection along the nasal passage
  • Traps Viruses and Allergens through its electrostatic effect 
  • Naturally strengthens the natural nasal defence

How Does Bentrio Work?

We are exposed to the risks of airborne viruses and allergens each day. 90% of the air we breathe is inhaled through the nose and this can go up to 10x more during exercise. The air we breathe contains microscopic particles, and up to 240,000 different types of bacteria and 2,400,000 viruses, most of which are harmless. The nose or nasal mucosa, creates a natural mucus layer for defense, protecting against harmful particles. However, the nasal passage can also dry out, reducing its effectiveness. Bentrio forms a protective layer along the nasal passage, creating an electrostatic effect that traps and binds Viruses and Allergens which are then eliminated naturally. Propylene Glycol ensures that the nasal passage is moisturized, supporting its natural function.

When Should We Use Bentrio?

  • Close Proximity Settings: When we take public transport, board the plane of head out to a crowded mall. Double the protection with Bentrio
  • Mask Off Settings: When we remove our masks during outdoor dining or during sports. When your mask comes off, Bentrio Stays on.

Kids and School Children: Our young ones may be unvaccinated and may not be able to adhere to safe management measures such as the proper wearing of masks when they are in school or at the playground. Have a peace of mind with additional protection for you and your loved ones with Bentrio.

Who Should Use Bentrio?

  • Anyone concerned about protection against Viruses and Allergens.
  • Working adults, seniors, children
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