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High in the hills above Ardbeg is the brooding, mysterious Loch Uigeadail (pronounced “Oog-a-dal”). This is the loch that supplies Ardbeg’s peatladen water supply, and gives its name to this widely acclaimed expression. This is a special vatting of different styles of Ardbeg, marrying together its traditional deep, smoky notes the luscious, sweet, raisin tones of old ex-Sherry casks. Ardbeg Uigeadail is non chill-filtered at high strength which retains maximum flavor and gives more body and added depth.

Size : 75cl

SGD 110.00
or 13,750 miles

Item is eligible for PPS Club Voucher redemption.

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NOSE The undiluted nose is deep and rounded - chocolate caramels and barley sugar combine with dates, raisins and smooth sherry notes. Later, you find leather and linseed oil. With water, the sweetness gives way to malted honeycomb, with flowering currants emerging through the smoky sweetness of a well-fired fruit pudding.


TASTE Full-flavored and rich with a deep mouth-coating texture, the taste is an intriguing balance between sweet, spicy and deep smoky flavors. The flavor is initially sweet as Christmas cake begins to soak into the tongue. A burst of winter spices sets off a smoky-spicy explosion countered by a sumptuous mid-palate of honey glazed smoked food and a dark sweetness.


FINISH Long, both sweet and dry with honey.

Size : 75cl

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