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Created by non-profit International Cooking Club Singapore (ICCS), The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook showcases 223 recipes from over 1,000 ICCS participants from 97 countries, including Singapore, fondly nicknamed “The Red Dot”.
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The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook is truly a one-of-a-kind cookbook made in Singapore, a country fondly nicknamed “The Red Dot”. It makes a perfect gift for beginner and experienced cooks alike keen to expand their culinary horizons and to travel to distant countries and immerse themselves in new cultures - all without leaving home! Beautifully illustrated and with exceptional attention to detail, this book also makes a wonderful coffee table book. It’s visual and instructive nature is easy-to-follow, regardless of culinary ability and ethnicity.

Unique features include:

  • Hard cover (with “nice-to-touch” front and back soft padded covers), 323 pages

  • 223 tried-and-tested authentic family recipes from 75 countries

  • Personal anecdotes for each of the recipes

  • All recipes include at least two photos: dish and ingredients photos

  • Ingredient photos for all 223 recipes are also available online to provide visual shopping lists and assist with label recognition whilst in the grocery stores

  • Precise measurements are provided in both international metric (e.g. grams and ml) and U.S.measurements (e.g. cups and oz) for all ingredients

  • Contains a useful guide where all potentially unfamiliar ingredients can be purchased in Singapore

  • Contains a unique coloured-coded index to highlight vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes

  • Two-thirds of the cookbook is suitable to a vegetarian diet, including 85 vegetarian savoury recipes

  • Beautifully illustrated with detailed custom-made watercolour maps of all regions of the world and country flags represented throughout the book

  • Featured many times in local media.

Accolades include:

  • Ranked #1/17 Sassy Mama Magazine (“Best Local Cookbooks: Culinary Inspirations from South East Asian Cookbooks”)

  • #1/10 The Finder Magazine (“10 Essential Cookbooks for Expat Home Cooks in Singapore”)

  • Winner of the prestigious SG Good Design 2020 Award by Design Business Chamber Singapore
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