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Brand NUK
NUK 2-in-1 Sterilizer & Dryer
SGD 177.00
or 22,125 miles

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Product Weight
2.58 kg
For more than 60 years , NUK have spent each day developing new solutions , which make life easier for parents and promote the child’s development. We work with technology and medical experts in various fields for research and development.
NUK adopt the most reliable advice from Mother Nature – as can be seen on NUK teats. They are asymmetrically shaped, based on a mother’s nipple when breastfeeding. The teat naturally adapt to the jaw, train the oral muscles and prevent baby from swallowing air , thanks to it’s anti-colic air system.
NUK product range shows that it’s approach systemically leads to well-thought through solutions. All the products are designed based on each other and are optimally adapted to the various development stages of the child, right from the start.
Made in Germany with high quality materials.

  • NUK 2-IN-1 Sterilizer & Dryer, quick and easy set-up for sterilizing and drying of baby bottles and feeding accessories effectively, all in just one application.
  • Removable rods and trays provide flexibility for different needs, as well as designed for easy cleaning.
  • The generated heat from the steam can eliminate up to 99.99% of harmful germs, a gentle effective sterilizing method yet involve no chemical at all.
  • Rapid sterilization and drying process, whole cycle time takes approximately 45 minutes and automatically turned off with light signal indication after program finished for safety reason.
  • 3 working modes/functions for selection:
    - Sterilize only~10mins
    - Dry only~ 35mins
    - Sterilize and Dry~45mins
  • Made in Germany

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