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Bathrobe that brings you happiness every time you wear it.
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    USD 344.97
    or 58,250 miles

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    Product Weight
    1.63 kg

    Crafted from 1/5 of extra fine cotton, this piece comes with sensational softness and fluffiness that last. But here's the real secret of Shiawase fabric: the feel of this towel connects you to your blissful state of mind.

    Tactile studies conducted at the Aromatique Institute shows that the Shiawase towel balances the autonomic nerves after testers used it. This positive result is close to when a person feels blissful. It is an ideal state of mind for users in their overall physical and mental well being.


    When Laundering

    •  Wash with enough water so that soil can be removed easily and this will also prevent fluff from adhering to the towels.
    • Use softener only when you feel the towel has hardened. Using softener too often will decrease the towel’s absorption and cause shedding of fluff.
    • Do not leave the towels wet as this will cause bacteria to breed and develop unpleasant odour. We recommend wringing the towel dry after laundering and to immediately hang it out to dry. 

    When Drying 

    • Shake the towel out before hanging to dry. Shake it for 10-20 times as this will help to loosen the terry pile of the towel and return it to its original form to maintain its fluffiness.
    • Hang them in a bright and shady place. This will ensure colour fastness.
    • Using the Dryer occasionally can also help to maintain the softness of the towel

    *Avoid tumble drying for these products: Waffle Weave Products, Gauze Weave Products, Products containing Silk, Products adorned with lace, rhinestones, etc.

    Product Material : 100% Cotton

    Product Dimension : 108 cm(L) x 52 cm (W)

    Product Weight : Approx 1.08kg

    Brand Origin : Japan

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