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Max Biocare’s Extra Bonecare Forte is a highly absorbable calcium formulation to support bone strength, density and healthy bone development. Suitable for adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women to support bone strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. For children, Extra Bonecare Forte supports healthy bone growth and development.
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Max Biocare’s Extra Bonecare Forte combines key nutrients that work synergistically to support bone density and strength in growing and mature bones. It combines three highly absorbable forms of calcium with Vitamin D3 and trace elements which help create new bone mineral.

Suitable for children and adults including pregnant and breastfeeding women, Max Biocare’s Extra Bonecare Forte is a gentle calcium formulation to support and maintain bone health, strength and mineralization in adults, as well as assisting in healthy bone development, growth and building for children and adolescents. Where dietary intake is inadequate, calcium may also help prevent osteoporosis.

Pack size: 60 tablets

Adults (including pregnant and breastfeeding women): 1 tablet 3 times daily with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Children: > 2 years: ½ tablet – 2 tablets daily; 1-2 years old: ¼ tablet per day, crushed into powder form or mixed with food.

How much calcium should you take per day?

The National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia recommends the following daily intakes of calcium (RDI’s):
Age (years) : RDI

1-3 yr : 500 mg
4-8 yr : 700 mg
9-11 yr : 1000 mg
12-18 yr: 1300 mg
19-70 : 1000 mg
>70 : 1300 mg
19-50 yr: 1000 mg/day
50+ : 1300 mg/day
Pregnant or breastfeeding women:
14-18 : 1300mg/d
19-50 yr: 1000mg/d

I don’t eat dairy and I’m worried that I am not getting enough calcium. Should I take Extra Bonecare Forte?
If you don’t eat many calcium containing foods daily (dairy, green vegetables and sesame seeds/tahini) you may be at risk of calcium insufficiency and in need of a calcium supplement, particularly if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or of advancing age, when calcium demand is higher. Extra Bonecare Forte provides 250.16mg of total calcium per tablet, allowing you to adjust how many tablets you take to what you actually need depending on your dietary intake.

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